Abaco Seaglass

Exquisite paintings by Abaconian, Marlee Mason

Abaco Seaglass©
Marlee Mason
Ancient vessels sailing from the Americas, the Caribbean and numerous exotic ports wrecked on the Abaco coral reefs and spilled valuable cargo, including hand-blown glass containers. Carried by ocean currents, shattered bottles, glass buoys and Loyalist tableware washed up on the rocky shores of the outer cays. Years of tumbling through the surf and sand have polished these relics into authentic "seaglass gems." Unique antique seaglass set into fine and sterling silver captures the romantic history of Abaco while Marlee's dichroic designs reflect the dance and sparkle of the sea.

View this exotic island source of original and authentic Bahamian seaglass jewelry. This collection of designs reflect only a small sample with new designs created weekly. Hand made by local artist, Marlee, on the enchanted Island of Abaco, Bahamas, sea polished antique pieces are often combined with precious and semi-precious gemstones or coral or local shells. Other maritime theme jewelry is worked with modern dichroic glass. Dichroic glass is fused with metal oxides to refract light in a particularly charming manner which you will find absolutely stunning. Enjoy and feel free to email me to discuss commissions.